Small Farm Garden Tools Portable Maize Weeding Machine

1. Mini Manual Weeder / Hot Sale Rotary Weeder is designed especially for rice water field weeding.

2. The perfect replace for the weedicide, can avoid the enviro ment pollution Caused by chemicals use.

3. The professional rotary weeders designcould loosen soil avoid soil hardening.

4. It is the essential farm tool for cultivating rice, Which has the advantages of small and light machine body, easy to move, economical and practical for farming.


Adaptation of Small Farm Garden Tools Portable Maize Weeding Machine
It is suitable for crops such as plains, hills and terraces. It can be harvested such as grass, alfalfa, wheat, rice, soybean, sugar cane, corn, reed, fish and other crops. The machine has "energy saving, low noise, multi-function, And other characteristics, completely changed the mountain hills to achieve cutting mechanization. Can improve efficiency, reduce noise, save the cost of workers!

Features of Small Farm Garden Tools Portable Maize Weeding Machine
1) versatile. Harvested crops, harvested forage, pruning weeds.
2) high efficiency: can easily control the cutting of the knife, the knife is empty for the right stroke, left for the work trip. One day can harvest 6 to 8 acres, the efficiency of artificial harvest more than 10 times. The harvest can be neatly laid.
3) cost savings: only 1 dollar per day charge.
4) good durability, good quality, easy to use, durable, so you save time and effort.

Technical Parameters of Small Farm Garden Tools Portable Maize Weeding Machine

Gasoline engine model


Rotating speed




Ignition method

No contact



Carburetor type

Diaphragm type

Fuel tank capacity


Start mode

Recoil start

Net weight


Drive shaft type

Hard axis / flexible shaft

Gasoline engine type

Single cylinder 
Air-cooled four-stroke

Maximum power


Gasoline machine packaging size


Products packing size


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