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Automatic Combined Mini Rice Mill Machine Price Philippines Rice Peocessing Machine

This machine is a combination of a rice miller and a grain crusher. It is used to crush various grains such as corn, rice and wheat, beans, and mill paddy to rice. The feature of the machine is two functions being together....

Introduction of Combined Mini Rice Mill Machine:

This rice dehuller machine is mainly used to hull rice with husk, It's also applicable for processing sorghum or some other millet in similar  size. The rice dehuller machine is a perfect choice ofr small plant, rice stores, grain markets, etc.

Advantage of Combined Mini Rice Mill Machine:

1. The vertical rice polishing is consisted of cover, the seat base, rice rolls, rice sieve,rice knife, input hopper, slide screen, adjusting components.

2. Crusher mainly consists of  feed hopper, crushing part and output hopper.

3. The machine mill the paddy into rice one time, and completely separate rice, bran,broken rice at the same time.

4. Crushing part can be used for crushing rice, corn, sorghum, beans, potato, stem and beating.But the water content and impurity of the processing material directly affect the quality of rice and machine efficiency.

Parameter of Combined Mini Rice Mill Machine:

Dimension0.68*0.4*1.1m0.8*0.4*1.1m0.7*0.4*1.1m0.8*0.7 *1.7m6*2.5*5m

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