Grain Thresher

  • Mini Rice Thresher Machine

    1. this machine is a small agricultural machinery suitable for farmers.

    2. the machine can use single-phase micro-motor, low horsepower diesel engine, gasoline-powered.

    3. It is mainly made by the threshing drum, screen, Hopper, winnower, induced draft fan,......

  • Wheat Thresher Machine

    1.rice thresher Used for wheat, rice, sorghum, soybean and corn etc.

    2.power can be electric motor,diesel engine and gaosline engine.

    3.simple structure, convenient operation, high efficiency.

  • Maize Thresher Machine
    The corn thresher and sheller machine is the new design machine by our engineer. The machine is used to shell corn and to remove the corn seed from the corn cob at the same time....
  • Sesame Thresher Machine
    Sesame thresher can thresh multi crops, including soya bean, rice, wheat, sorghum, rapeseed, sesame, etc. It make the particles clean by blowing out straw and dust....
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