Grain Sheller

  • Rice Sheller Machine

    1.Rice mill Machine is the streamlined equipment which is manufactured with high efficiency and low energy consumption.

    2.It is the ideal of choose for farmer and small farm rice mill.

  • Almond Shelling Machine
    The machine mainly used to shell various specification kernel hard shell. Feeding by elevator and 1-3 grade shell cracking. Each grade discharge screen with vibrating screen can shell three grades different specification almond, walnut and hazelnut etc. Hard shell outer shell....
  • Jute Decorticator Machine
    This machine is badly required for jute cultivators. It could be replicated in highest jute producing district, such as Bangladesh. It can process fresh or dry of jute kenaf and hemp....
  • Round Disc Sunflower Seed Sheller
    Cotton seed Disc Decorticator cotton seed hulling machine. Its simple structure and strong maintainability make this cotton seed Disc Decorticator cotton seed hulling machine very popular....
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