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Cashew Nut Shelling Machine

Cashew Nut Shelling Machine

Automatic Cashew nut shelling machine is to remove cashew nuts shell machinery. Cashew nuts should be manually or by grading machine is divided into 3-5 grades first,Then use the machine shelling....

Cashew nut production Line:

Cashew nut production line include cashew nut grading machine,steam cooker,cooler machine,cashew nut shelling machine,cashew nut kernal

and shell separator machine,cashew nut drying machine,cashew nut peeling machine,cashew nut sorting machine.

We not only can provide half automatic production line,but also fully automatic production line.

The function of the machines in the production line:

1.Grading machine: separate the cashew into several grades.
2.Steam cooker: boil the cashew by electricity or gas so that you can shell the cashew easily.

3. Cooler machine: make the boiled cashew nuts cool.
4.Cashew nut Shelling machine: shelling the cashew.
5.The Cashew Nut & Kernel Separator: separate the cashew nut shell and kernel.

6.Cashew nut drying machine: this machine is to dry the cashew nut,after drying,

when peeling the nut,the almost no broken rate.

7.Peeling machine: peel the kernel and then get the clear cashew nut kernel.

8.Nuts sorting machine: separate the nuts into three grades.

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