Crusher Machine

  • Chaff Cutter Machine

    1.chaff cutter machine for animals, papermaking etc

    2.cut wet or dry corn straw, wheat straw, hay etc

    3.cut various lengths between 10mm- 50mm

  • Grass Cutting Machine and Grain Crusher

    1. the straw crusher is used to crush kinds of straw, with good quality and high capacity.

    2.It used for cutting dry corn stalk ,grass, peanut stalk and so on, suitable for cow or sheep feeding.

    3. the straw crusher is the application of new structural......

  • Grass Crusher Machine
    This crusher is used for cutting dry and wet grass, peanut, stalk, wheat, stan other agriculture waste and so on. it is suitable for cow or sheep and other animal eating, also the necessary equipment for making animal fodders, feedstuff or make fuel....
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