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Maize Combine Harvester Machine

The Whole Process Of Corn Ear Picking, Stripping. Peeling(if need),Collecting Into Case And Hydraulic Unloading Can Be Finished Continuously. The Header Can Ascend Or Descend By Hydraulic Way Without Altering Harvesting Angle. Good Control Of Snapping Roll Prevent From Jam And Keep High Rotate Speed. Meanwhile, The Augers Improve The Grain Case Capacity And Decrease The Time Of Unloading....

Introduction of Maize Corn Cob Harvesting Machine:

Orn harvester is in the corn mature or close to maturity, according to agronomic requirements, with machinery to complete the processing of corn stalks agricultural machinery. Is a new type of agricultural machinery which is researched and developed for new energy development and alleviating the labor intensity of peasant friends. A kind of agricultural machinery which can be used for harvesting corn stalks is suitable for rural small four rounds. It shortens the peasant friends'labor cycle and frees people from heavy manual labor.

Advantages of Maize Corn Cob Harvesting Machine:

1. Simple structure, small dimenssion, widely used in both flat field and mountain field. 

2. Almost the same function with large combined corn harvester, including picking, peeling, straw crushing.
3. Diesel engine power, energy saving. 
4. Easy to install and disassemble.
5. Flexible operation, cutting crop height can be adjusted, turning radius is small.

Specification of Maize Corn Cob Harvesting Machine:



Harvesting Rows


Matched Power

9HP Diesel Engine



Harvesting Rate




Overall Size


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