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Lotus Root Digger Harvesting Machine

Digging lotus machine can be designed to self-propelled and ship-style structure, self-propelled by digging on the machine on the wheels to drive the machine automatically forward, but because of the lotus field work environment is bad, complex terrain, self-propelled forward way very unstable, Prone to automatic overload engine and other phenomena....

Introduction of Lotus Harvest Machine:

1. All stainless steel fully enclosed structure, durable, including 7.5 HP pump total weight 100 kg. When working with their own functions, flexible operation of the light. According to the standard work basic didn't have any fault, maintenance is very simple.
2. Light and small volume, can be put into the inner chamber width 1.1 m minivan. Two people lift can be the ditch cultivator, on the road.
3. According to the standard operation, from side to side width of 1200 mm, moderately control the rate of lotus root machine itself.Such as lotus root field flatness - not more than 30 mm, the depth of not less than 200 mm, the growth of the lotus root soft mud depth is less than 600 mm, get line pure homework 7 to 8 hours, without skipping around three mu of lotus root can be all fields in the soft mud into a slime water, no matter how high yield of lotus root will not slip through the intact of the clean surface.

Parameters of Lotus Harvest Machine:


1300 x 1300 x 910 mm


160 kg



Water depth


Digging depth

30 -- 60 cm


2000 kg / 8 hours

Lotus root rate


Lotus root injury rate

≤ 4%

Broken skin rate


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