Agriculture Harvester

This grain harvester is mainly used for rice and wheat harvesting. It has two models:SLGS-90 and SLGS-120, The capacity is 016-0.26ha/H.
  • Watermelon Seeds Harvester

    1. Small type pumpkin and watermelon seeds harvester for small farm.

    2. Tractor drive, easy to move and use.

  • Pumpkin Seeds Harvester

    1. With drum pin picker, it can pick up the pumpkin and watermelon automatically.

    2. Double separating drum and large seeds hopper.

    3. Suitable for large scale pumpkin and watermelon farm.

  • Olive Picking Machine
    Walnut harvesting machine, Olive shaker, Olive harvester machine, nuts picker is designed for harvesting nuts and olives....
  • Potato Harvesting Machine

    Application of garlic and potato digger harvester

    This mini harvester is mainly used for the harvest of potato, sweet potato, onion and other underground rootstalk crops with advantage.

  • Wheat and Rice Reaper Binder Harvest Machine
    Harvester reaper binder machine, reaper binder price, tractor mounted reaper binder is used for harvesting corn, wheat, soybean, forage grass and other simple Individual plants....
  • Maize Combine Harvester Machine
    The Whole Process Of Corn Ear Picking, Stripping. Peeling(if need),Collecting Into Case And Hydraulic Unloading Can Be Finished Continuously. The Header Can Ascend Or Descend By Hydraulic Way Without Altering Harvesting Angle. Good Control Of Snapping Roll Prevent From Jam......
  • Rice Wheat Combine Harvester
    Rice combine harvester can work in the paddy flied with depth less than 200mm.The specification will be same as below table when the harvester with Max feeding rate, no grass on the cutting flied, Lodging angle less than 45°and grain moisture content is 15-28%....
  • Peanut Harvester Machine
    This product is mainly used for harvest potato, garlic, sweet potato, peanut and other underground rhizome crops, it has the high harvest efficiency, the low breakage rate, the revolution vividly does not have the vibration, it never stops up by the grass, leaks the soil......
  • Walnut Harvesting Machine
    Olive shaker, Olive harvester machine, nuts picker is designed for harvesting nuts and olives....
  • Mini-harvester for Wheat and Rice

    The machine has a simple, reasonable structure, easy operation and maintenance, small size, light weight, reliable performance, practical features, welcomed by farmers.

    Widely used in the plateaus, mountains, hills, slopes, intercropping, narrow plots.

  • Lotus Root Digger Harvesting Machine
    Digging lotus machine can be designed to self-propelled and ship-style structure, self-propelled by digging on the machine on the wheels to drive the machine automatically forward, but because of the lotus field work environment is bad, complex terrain, self-propelled forward......
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